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Microbiome Dysbiosis in Diseases

When disturbed, the gut microbiome often negatively affects human health. In contrast to the harmonious symbiosis between a healthy gut microbiome and the human host, an unbalanced microbiome manifests itself as “dysbiosis”—an overabundance of bad bacteria rather than good bacteria, which negatively affects the health of the host.

Modern research has shown that an unhealthy gut microbiome is linked to numerous diseases stemming both from genetic factors as well as the environment. Mental or physical stress, a lack of the appropriate amount and type of exercise, food that is not optimal for health, the consumption of medically prescribed drugs, and certain activities are all environmental factors that can contribute to dysbiosis.

Our technology

Genofax®’s know-how to the Rescue

At Genofax®, we employ the latest high-throughput metagenome sequencing technology and our proprietary suite of Artificial Intelligence-enabled Health-Metric Determination (AIeH-MD) technology to sequence and analyse the gut microbiome of our clients.

Dysbiosis affects different human communities differently because of underlying genetic as well as cultural differences. At Genofax®, we are aware of this shortcoming ofpersonalised medicine, and we apply our AIeH-MD technology to overcome this informational and technological barrier. Thus, we can serve customers from a dynamic range of ethnic and cultural communities.

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Hundreds of Different Microbes Together in Harmony

Exciting new research studies from leading biomedical laboratories all over the world have shown that hundreds of gut microbes—bacterial and fungal species that inhabit the normal human gut—are essential players in determining human health. The health conditions controlled by these invisible microbes range from human lifespan determination, susceptibility to infectious, metabolic, and autoimmune diseases, cancer, mental health, and above all, the sense of personal well-being.

What is even more interesting, it is not a single microbial species that controls the human host’s health status with regard to these conditions, but hundreds, potentially thousands, of microbial species. These micro-organisms live together in the human gut as a community and play this role. The microbes affect the human body via a complex process: different microbial species feed on and sense food residues ingested by humans, and these bacteria sense signaling molecules made by the human body. Subsequently, the gut flora, in turn, produces crucial biochemical substances that go back into the human body and to human organs to control everyday biological processes. This complex community of largely invisible microbes in the human gut is called the gut microbiome.

AI-Powered Personalised Scores

AI-Powered Personalised Scores and Recommendations

Genofax’s AIeH-MD technology uses your gut microbiome data to generate 12 scores regarding the composition of your microbiome and the functions your gut flora performs. We offer personalised recommendations to promote healthy gut microbiome.

Your personalised Gut Status™ scores present a holistic evaluation of your gut microbial health and composition. A comprehensive summary of the scores can be accessed from the Genofax® dashboard and mobile application through a personalised and secure channel. Each score is presented with easy-to-comprehend visual aids.


Missing Ethnic Diversity in the Microbiome Studies

Diet, lifestyle, host genetics, and other known or unknown factors collectively influence the composition and diversity of the gut microbiome. In the last two decades, an enormous amount of microbiome data has been generated using sequencing technology. However, 80% of the microbiome data has been generated by wealthy countries in North America and Europe. Our current understanding of the human microbiome does not reflect the ethnic, cultural and geographical diversities of most of the world’s population. This shortcoming threatens to eventually hinder the development of diagnostics and therapies. Genofax® plans to assess and understand the full spectrum of gut microbiome variety and thereby serve humanity in all its diversity.


Three Books of Life®

There are Three Books of Life® - the genome, the epigenome and the microbiome. Human health and the human lifespan are significantly influenced by the third new book, which we still need to read: The Microbiome.


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