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Gut Status™ Test Kit

Experiencing any of the following?

Have you taken the Gut Status™ Test to know the status of your gut microbiome health? An altered microbiome is associated with several chronic diseases. Gut Status™ Test will help you explore your gut microbiome so that you can plan for a healthy gut.

Experiencing any of the following?

Begin with a Gut Status™ Test

Our Gut Status™ Test kit is designed for easy at-home collection of a faecal sample. Collect your sample by following our step-by-step guidelines and send us the sample using our return shipment box.

Activate Your Test

Activate Your Test

Scan or input the barcode number of your Gut Status Test™ Kit & activate the Test on the app or website.

Collect Your Sample

Collect Your Sample

Use the faecal sample collection tube and accessories to collect your sample at home.

Send Your Sample

Send Your Sample

Put your sample in the prepaid shipping box and ship it back to us within 72 hours of sample collection.

Receive Your Result

Receive Your Result

After DNA sequencing and analysis, receive your Gut Status results within
4 - 6 weeks.

Your Gut Status™ Report and Recommendations.

Results include

  • Your Gut Status™ Report and Recommendations.

  • Gut Status™: It scores for an assessment of your gut microbiome composition, the function of the microbes in your gut, and suggestion regarding whether you have a healthy gut microbiome or dysbiosis.

  • Personalised Probiotics™: An analysis regarding the beneficial or probiotic bacteria residing in your gut and their abundance. To improve your Gut Status™ scores, we recommend Personalised Probiotics™ that are delivered by Genofax™.

  • Nutrition and Foods: Association scores between your gut bacteria and your dietary habits. Our results include a list of Personalised Foods that can help you maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

Your journey with Genofax™

Test at home

At-Home Test Kit

Follow the easy steps for faecal sample collection at home and complete your health questionnaire.

Receive results

Receive Your Results

Track live updates and receive Gut Status™ test results within 4 to 6 weeks.

Personalized Probiotics

Personalised Probiotics™

Receive Personalised Probiotics™ made just for you.

Particularised foods

Particularised Foods

Get a list of personalised foods to help replenish the good bacteria in your gut.