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Gut Status™ Test: Our Approach to Personalised Probiotics™ and Nutrition

Our cutting-edge approach to gut health harnesses the power of DNA sequencing and AI-powered machine learning to deliver Personalised Probiotics™ and tailored food recommendations. Our proprietary algorithm provides an in-depth analysis of an individual’s gut microbiome and generates recommendations for optimising gut health. Our solution is based on genomic data and is constantly updated with the latest developments in gut microbiome research. With our advanced technology and a steadfast commitment to evidence-based solutions, we are transforming the approach to addressing gut microbiome health.

The Three Books of Life®

The coming together of multiple genomes of two key organisms, the host human and symbiont gut microbes to create symbiosis by generating a scenario where the whole is more than the sum total of the individual parts; a synergistic positive effect defining health and longevity. Genofax® deploys and harnesses this synergy by invoking the idea of the “Three Books of Life®”; the genome, the epigenome and the microbiome.

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Your journey with Genofax®

Test at home

At-Home Test Kit

Follow the easy steps for faecal sample collection at home and complete your health questionnaire.

Receive Your Results

Receive Your Results

Track live updates and receive Gut Status™ test results approximately within 4 to 6 weeks.

Our Technology

DNA Sequencing

Current cost-effective DNA sequencing technology has revolutionized our understanding of our microbiomes, especially of their crucial importance for human health. DNA sequencing allows Genofax® to generate a comprehensive profile of your gut bacteria from a single faecal sample. We are able to leverage this technology for human health and wellness by asking the customer to collect a faecal sample using an at-home test kit. The client mails us the sample; - we then extract bacterial DNA from it and perform sequencing in our laboratories.

DNA Sequencing
Analysis of Microbiome

Analysis of Microbiome

We first sequence DNA obtained from your faecal sample. We then analyse the hundreds of thousands of DNA sequences we obtained and interpret these data using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-enabled Health-Metric Determination (AIeH-MD) technology. This technology enables us to provide our client with a series of personalised scores regarding the client’s microbiome health. Importantly, these scores enable us to determine whether there is any evidence of gut microbiome dysbiosis. Based on these scores and several other personalised factors, we recommend Personalised Probiotics™ and food items that will address microbiome health.

Gut Status™ Report

You can access a comprehensive summary of your personalised Gut Status™ scores that can be accessed from the Genofax® dashboard and mobile application through a personalised and secure channel. Each score is presented with easy-to-comprehend visual aids. This report also contains recommendations on Personalised Probiotics™ and Prebiotics and a list of food items recommended for future improvement of your Gut Status™ scores.

Gut Status™ Report
Personalised Prebiotics™ & Probiotics

Personalised Probiotics™

Each individual’s gut microbiome is unique and changes dynamically under the influence of many factors, such as age, food, lifestyle, geographical location etc. Genofax®’s Artificial Intelligence-enabled Health-Metric Determination (Aleh-MD) technology works on suggesting probiotics that may offer better well-being. We Manufacture probiotics from clinically proven bacterial strains.


Personalised Foods for a Healthier You

Get the most out of your diet with our unique personalised food recommendations tailored to your needs. We will recommend a custom-tailored list of foods just meant for you (based on your gut microbiome analysis and the known associations between the gut microbiome and foods), which might improve your gut health and foster the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

Sample Report
Sample Report

Gut Status™ Report: Personalised Insights and Recommendations

Our report contains personalised Gut Status™ scores based on a comparison with other Genofax® clients and personalised recommendations for probiotics, prebiotics and foods. Our comprehensive Gut Status™ Report includes over ten personalised scores and recommendations, all backed by microbiome data and AI technology. Discover the diverse combinations of bacteria in your gut and take control of your well-being with tailored recommendations. Get a complete and scientifically sound understanding of your gut health with our Gut Status™ Report.

Discover Your Gut’s Potential with Our Personalised Probiotics™

Enhance your gut’s health and wellness with our scientifically formulated probiotic strains. Harnessing the power of nature, our unique blend of beneficial bacteria helps to promote digestive balance, boost immunity, alleviate the symptoms of bowel disease, and support overall gut health.

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Probiotic Strain

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