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Personalised Probiotics™ and Foods for Achieving The Best Version of You

Personalised Probiotics™ and Foods for Achieving The Best Version of You
The saying “You are what you eat” rings true, and scientific progress in the fields of probiotics, functional foods, prebiotics, and postbiotics supports the adage. Our genetic code is a blueprint with instructions on how we develop into a fully formed human being. Still, the food we eat also builds our bodies and shapes our biological destinies. 

Let me explain this in the context of a phrase, the Three Books of Life™. This catchphrase and concept refer to our journey through life, a journey charted by our genome (our inherited genetic makeup), our epigenome (modifications of the genome that cause genes to be expressed differently in different cells, at different times, and under different circumstances) and our microbiome (all the microorganisms in our digestive tract, skin, etc.). Your diet cannot directly affect your genome, but it can affect your epigenome and your microbiome! 

Why is this topic so important in this fast-paced world? Some life strategies, such as your food habits, need to be personalised in order to achieve the best version of you as a unique individual. A personalised diet is one of the keys to developing the best version of you because all of us have a unique genetic code and unique microbiome. The concept of the Three Books of Life™ states that the genetic code we inherit from our parents is the First Book of Life. The Second Book of Life, the epigenome, evolves throughout our lives as we get exposed to different environments, including the cuisines of different cultures. We can strive to improve our epigenetic status in order to achieve the best version of ourselves. When we are born, we are exposed to microorganisms that shape the Third Book of Life, the gut microbiome. This is why designing and following a personalised diet is so essential and beneficial.  

There is a direct connection between food habits and the Three Books of Life™, and thus paying attention to what one eats can ensure that one lives a healthy life. By simply selecting a set of particularised foods, we not only avoid the consequences of poor dietary choices but also make a better version of ourselves. Genofax™ is working on this platform to deliver the best solution for each customer’s health by integrating genomics data with AI (artificial intelligence) to predict and design a personalised and goal-oriented diet. It’s a multi-pronged approach, as we gather information about existing health parameters, identify microbial genetic signatures, and use data mining to find the best fit for an individual through iterative computation. Genofax™ helps achieve this goal using logical and purposeful strategies.  

The emerging science of probiotics is essential for replenishing our gut microbiome so as to maintain good health. Numerous scientific studies support the use of probiotics in maintaining good health. Probiotics can help in many ways. Their range of action varies from good gut health maintenance to improving conditions such as obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, and neurological disorders. It’s equally essential to take the right probiotics you need for your gut microbiome and in the right amount. Precision and specificity are thus crucial in each individual case. In other words, the same probiotic may not be as effective for a different individual, and the optimum amount may also vary from person to person. Genofax™ fulfils the need for restoring health or maintaining good health by designing probiotics with a unique formula or recipe for each individual. We use advanced, cutting-edge technology to provide Personalised Probiotics™.

Precisely designed foods and probiotics establish a link between epigenetics and good health, and Genofax™ is one of the pioneers in harnessing the power of probiotics and dietary recommendations to improve your epigenome and microbiome.

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