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Genofax™: What Do We Do and How?

Genofax™: What Do We Do and How?
In Genofax™, the long, deep, and diverse human history from ancient times drives our narratives as we craft a data and science-driven platform for our work incorporating “Three Books of Life™”.  

Two key concepts in biology relevant to Genofax™ are Symbiosis and Hologenome.  Symbiosis comes from the Indo-European prefix Syn or Sym, and the corresponding Bangla prefix is “Shong”, meaning “with”.  Bios obviously mean life, so Symbiosis means with or together with life, and the corresponding Bengali word is “Shongjiboni “a key concept in Ayurvedic medicine.  

But together with what?  What components are made to come together?  In the modern concept of symbiosis, togetherness is one of two living organisms, e.g., host humans and the symbiotic microbiome of the gut.  This interdependent genetic relationship is also called Holo-biont, another key concept of the Genofax™ narrative.  The coming together of multiple genomes of two key organisms, the host human and symbiont gut microbes, create symbiosis, generating a scenario where the whole is more than the sum total of the individual parts, a positive synergistic effect defining health and longevity.  

Genofax™ deploys and harnesses this synergy by invoking the idea of “Three Books of Life™”: the genome, the epigenome and the microbiome.

Operationally the process starts when Genofax™ obtains a biological sample from the customer and obtains the metagenomic read of the stool sample, enumerating and defining the organisms of the gut.  That data is analysed in the context of what is known about these microbes, together with human metabolism, which is a sum total of the actions of the genome and the epigenome.  Using AI, the composite assessment is then analysed in the context of human nutrition and the lived lifestyle to come up with advice deeply informed by our data-driven approach.

How human genetics and epigenetics perform in delineating a lifetime of the nutritional and metabolic state is a subject of modern biological research.  While the normal trajectory of this complex process ensures health and longevity, a deviation from it leads to metabolic syndromes, cancer or early onset of mortality.  In this context, the gut microbiome analyses and advisory based on these analyses represent a huge opportunity for intervention to ensure human health and longevity.  Instead of medicinal intervention after the onset of the debilitating syndromes, early prediction and intervention via probiotics thus provide an elegant approach towards the solution of this calamity of public health in modern times.

To provide this solution, Genofax™ has amassed a multi-disciplinary group of diverse and deep subject matter analyses comprising existing literature on genetics, epigenetics, and a traditional knowledge base of human nutrition, health and medicine.  The experimental components of gut bacterial analyses are then put in the context of this accumulated knowledge.  The candidate’s health and nutritional status are then assessed by a set of questionnaires.  Together the whole scenario is then analysed by an AI protocol.

The evolutionary trajectory of the human population has an impact on their food choices.  Due to migrations, human populations now find themselves exposed to new food choices caused by urbanisation and modern food distribution systems.  Work choices impose on people’s lifestyles, such as sleeplessness or irregularities in food consumption.  Interestingly, lifestyle-based maladies are mediated by a change in the gut microbial population.  This possibility suggests a possible route of interventions in the causative microbiomes by Personalised Probiotics™, a vital component of the Genofax™ solution. In the coming years, we will deploy the Gut Status Test worldwide while remaining mindful of the diverse human population in diverse areas of the world.

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